How much of my flight is on autopilot?

So do the pilots actually do any flying or does the autopilot do all the work? Well it depends on the day and it depends on your definition of work – and it helps firstly by explaining how things worked before modern automation in aircraft was established. Until the late 1960’s large commercial aircraft had up […]

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Fly First Class

For most people, the chance to fly in first class or even business class is a rare luxury, especially on a longhaul flight, but every now and again there comes the chance of a nice surprise – the upgrade. Since margins in the aviation industry are tighter than ever, airlines today tend not to upgrade […]

What’s my carbon footprint like when I fly?

For those of you conscious about how much your air travel needs are harming the environment, you may be wondering how big your personal carbon footprint is when you fly. Well, we can tell you – it’s not great. But (and it’s a reasonable sized but) it’s probably not half as bad as you think.  […]

7 airlines with free on-board wifi

More and more airlines these days are offering on-board wifi but most impose a charge for the service. Obviously as time goes on this list will grow but at the moment, the only airlines providing free wifi on-board their flights are: 1. Emirates On select 777’s and all but three of their A380’s, Emirates provide […]

Turbulence – is it safe and where should I sit?

When talking to various people I find that at least half of them have some sort of anxiety towards flying and almost all of them charge turbulence as their main fear.  It’s an understandable fear – you’re being bounced around in a metal tube more than 6 miles up with nowhere to go, which is […]

Can a thunderstorm bring down a plane?

The simple answer to this question is, no. In general terms a thunderstorm alone will not bring down a plane. Modern aircraft are built to withstand a huge amount of turbulence and contrary to what some people think, the wings aren’t going to break off (the wings are actually not two wings but one large […]