Contrails or chemtrails – the (not so) hidden truth

In 1996 the U.S. Air Force published a research paper on the possibility of weather modification in the future. It was in response to a directive to outline a future strategic weather modification system for the purpose of maintaining US military dominance in 2025 and was based upon fictional scenarios. This paper grew legs and […]

Why do pilots wear hats?

Nowadays not all commercial pilots wear hats but a lot of airlines still have them as part of their uniform. The origin of the hat itself, and indeed the general look of today’s pilots uniforms, stems back to the 1930’s. Prior to this era, most pilots’ attire was derived from WW1 military style clothing which was […]

Why, on a flight from London to LA, do we fly over Greenland and Western Canada?

Take out a map and draw a straight line from London to LA and it will go across the mid-Atlantic and cut through the middle of the US. Seems like a logical route to take. So why, when you take a flight between the two points, do you fly over Scotland, Greenland and Western Canada? […]

What’s the longest (and shortest) non-stop commercial flight?

As aeronautical design evolves and aircraft become more efficient, the distance they can travel without having to refuel grows. Not more than forty five years ago, you would have had to take 5 flights to get from London to Singapore. Now you can do it in one. That non-stop flight however, has been in operation […]

Do pilots sleep on flights?

Yes, on some flights they do – but intentionally and obviously not all at the same time. Different airlines and aviation authorities around the world have different regulations about taking rest while flying but the over-riding rule that is common amongst all airlines is that, at all times, there will always be at least one […]