Meet Lily

So the whole world of drones has literally taken off if you can excuse the pun, and those that have them are creating all sorts of amazing videos to wow us with. One of the great things about them is that they can be used to create lovely tracking shots, especially of people engaged in sporting activities such as skiing and snowboarding.

Of course, to achieve this you need a subject such as a skier and also someone to operate the drone and camera itself. But what if you didn’t need the drone or camera operator? What if the drone itself knew where to be, to create the best shots of you as you backflipped your way down a mountain?

Meet Lily – a new venture which started in the basement of a UC Berkeley robotics lab less than 2 years ago is a drone like no other. Equipped with a full HD 1808p 60fps video camera, it will track you as you walk, run, ski, snowboard, cycle, kayak or use any other form of motion (up to 25mph) all while creating amazing footage of you in action.

It follows you by wirelessly connecting to a tracking device that you wear on your wrist, which also has controls on it to allow you to adjust Lily’s point of view in relation to you. Small enough to fit in a backpack, this drone looks like it could be about to create some waves in the market. Speaking of which, it’s also waterproof.

Check out more info on their website

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