Turbulence – Could The Wings Snap Off In It?


You’re in a window seat looking out at the wing as the plane flies through turbulence and can see the wing-tip bouncing up and down and you think – what’s to stop the wing snapping off?

You’ll be glad to know that it’s practically impossible for that to occur.

Why? Well, the wings aren’t just simply bolted onto the side of the plane. They are constructed around what’s called a wing spar and this runs right through the centre of the aircraft from wingtip to wingtip. The body of the aircraft is essentially built around the wing spar and this makes the wing area one of the strongest parts of the aircraft.

The wings are also designed to flex during flight in order to deal with different flight conditions (such as turbulence).

post-787-wingTake a look at this picture that Boeing published when they were testing the wing flex on the 787 – and they could have gone further. Probably safe to say the wings won’t snap off in flight.

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