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Video – Boeing’s new 777X with folding wing-tips

Check out this video of Boeing’s new 777X family which will be the largest and most efficient twin engine aircraft in production. With its futuristic spacious cabin and innovative wing design it has generated an extraordinary amount of  interest with Emirates alone ordering 150. Production is due to begin in 2017 with the first aircraft entering […]

Video – amazing 5 minute reconstruction of Hudson River landing

On January 15th, 2009, US Airways flight 1549 made a miracle landing on the Hudson River in New York after hitting a flock of Canadian geese and losing thrust on both its engines. This video recreates the 5 minute flight with actual ATC audio overlaid. You will also see written transcript of conversation inside the flight deck […]

How do jet engines work?

A fully laden Boeing 777-300 can weigh over 300 tons as it takes off and just one of its engines alone is capable of lifting it safely into the air.  So how do they work? (Check out the video above courtesy of CFM International) Well it helps to start by explaining how the first type of […]