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DVT – The signs and symptoms

signs symptoms dvt

DVT can cause major problems especially for people who travel long distances but what are the signs and symptoms and how can we prevent it. No matter what the mode of transportation, sitting still for long periods of time may put some people at an increased risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which is essentially […]

How much fuel are airlines required to carry for a flight?

Within most large commercial airlines you will find a department that deals solely with flight planning, and the people within this department are responsible for mapping out the route each flight will take and also the fuel that will be required for those flights.  Once the route has been determined, the fuel required to get […]

What’s the difference between a pilot and a co-pilot?

Whenever you read articles involving aircraft, the men or women at the controls of the plane are invariably referred to as pilot and co-pilot. But what does this mean? Well for starters, the terms pilot and co-pilot are, these days, a bit of a misnomer. They stem from the early days of flying when there […]

Windowless Planes – The Future of Flying?

It seems quite futuristic but it’s a concept that might not be as far away as you think.  A French design company has released a video of their design for a windowless plane which instead would have a cabin that is lined with thin curved screens. Cameras on the outside of the aircraft would capture […]

Why do pilots wear hats?

Nowadays not all commercial pilots wear hats but a lot of airlines still have them as part of their uniform. The origin of the hat itself, and indeed the general look of today’s pilots uniforms, stems back to the 1930’s. Prior to this era, most pilots’ attire was derived from WW1 military style clothing which was […]

Do pilots sleep on flights?

Yes, on some flights they do – but intentionally and obviously not all at the same time. Different airlines and aviation authorities around the world have different regulations about taking rest while flying but the over-riding rule that is common amongst all airlines is that, at all times, there will always be at least one […]

Top 10 Airlines for Inflight Entertainment

Voted by passengers, the Skytrax World Airline Awards are a coveted accolade of travel excellence. The following are the top 10 airlines in the Inflight Entertainment category for 2014. 10. Etihad Starting this list and even though at number 10, Etihad are by no means short on in-flight entertainment. With over 100 movies, more than […]

Why do they dim the cabin lights for take-off and landing at night?

Just before take-off or before coming into land during the hours of darkness, the cabin crew will usually dim the lights in the cabin. The reason for this, is that in case of any problems that might involve an evacuation, your eyes will have pre-adjusted to the dark and allow you to see a lot […]

You Don’t Have To Be Rich To Fly First Class

For most people, the chance to fly in first class or even business class is a rare luxury, especially on a longhaul flight, but every now and again there comes the chance of a nice surprise – the upgrade. Since margins in the aviation industry are tighter than ever, airlines today tend not to upgrade […]