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What is an Afterburner?

An afterburner is a facility incorporated into some jet engines (mainly on military aircraft) which allows them to create a massive amount of thrust in order to achieve maximum acceleration. In simple terms, fuel is added to the jet exhaust section of the engine downstream of the turbine and this reignites the air creating more thrust […]

Could I run my car on aircraft fuel?

In short, yes.  Jet fuel (typically JET-A1) which is used to power aircraft with jet engines (and turboprop engines) is basically diesel fuel with extra additives. For that reason a car or truck with a diesel engine will run comfortably on airliner jet fuel although it isn’t recommended.  Similarly, piston engined aircraft (such as Cessna […]

Can commercial planes fly on just one engine?

Well, it depends on the plane but, yes – the majority of them can. If we look at twin-engined commercial aircraft (which account for most of the commercial aircraft in the world) they are designed to be able to keep flying in the event of an engine failure. Thankfully aircraft engines rarely fail but if […]

How do jet engines work?

A fully laden Boeing 777-300 can weigh over 300 tons as it takes off and just one of its engines alone is capable of lifting it safely into the air.  So how do they work? (Check out the video above courtesy of CFM International) Well it helps to start by explaining how the first type of […]